Because arriving on time makes a difference!

What is InoEmergency?

Inosat has developed Inoemergency, a solution designed especially for businesses where speed of action at emergency situations is converted to a critical success factor.

  • Arrive quickly to emergency sites
  • Alert emergency vehicles immediately
  • Guarantee fuel saving
  • Reduce communications costs
  • Know the price of each km travelled
  • Hour detail machine report print screen shows the hours each machine spent on different working sites

Arrive quickly to emergency sites

With InoEmergency is possible to locate, in real time, which vehicles are nearest to the emergency site. It is also possible to identify whether or not the vehicles are available for immediate service. With this information, companies can minimize the time spent in locating resources for an emergency and allows managing operations in a faster and accurate environment therefore arriving sooner where necessary.

Emergency man
Emergency vehicles

Alert emergency vehicles immediately

We know that it is extremely important to notify quickly the emergency vehicles providing the most relevant details in each emergency. Tasks allocation is possible from the control centre directly to emergency vehicles, additionally information on how many people need help, or the current state of the emergency can be added to the task or sent by text message. Completed the local assistance, the driver can immediately follow up with the control centre, that will be able to trigger new processes. (e.g.: alert the hospital about the general state of a patient who will be transported).

Guarantee fuel saving

Fuel is one of the factors that weigh the most in the operating costs of waste management companies. Inofleet allows you to reduce travelled kilometres through route optimization, trips and unauthorized usage control. Monitoring the driving style allows companies to know where to act in order to achieve a change in driving style and thus significant fuel saving.

Ambulances parked illustrates inoemergency text
young women in an ambulance illustrates inoemergency text

Reduce communications costs

InoEmergency allows you to exchange messages with vehicles and know the status of each one in real time. The allocation of tasks through the Navigator and the assignment of services to the nearest vehicle from the incidence reduce communications costs in addition to improving service quality.

Know the price of each km travelled

Control the costs of your fleet by gathering in a simple and easy way all necessary information to determine its condition. Know what are the actual kms travelled, the cost in tolls, or the next maintenance. Compare the locations of refueling with GPS position of the vehicle and with the fuel level in the tank.

Image of a police vehicle emergency lights illustrates Inosat's telematics solution for Emergency services area


Because arriving on time makes a difference!