The intelligence on your customers driving behaviour!

What is InoInsurance

INOSAT developed InoInsurance, designed especially to answer the needs of insurance and leasing companies in a market that is preparing to gain momentum. InoInsurance is a telematics solution that helps companies to track kms driven, collect information on drivers actual performance, being also able to provide feedback that allows the improvement of driving performances and vehicles efficiency. Inoinsurance helps insurance companies to:

  • Usage based insurance
  • Fraud detection
  • Increase costumer loyalty and create exit barriers
  • Inofleet Dashboard image: allows companies to get intelligent information on the fleet performance, analyses: type of usage, kilometres, speed, alarms

Usage based insurance

By using Inoinsurance, insurance and leasing companies can analyse customers driving habits such as, total distance travelled by each vehicle, period of time the vehicle is used, type of roads where is being driven. Inoinsurance can also provide insights on driving behaviour by analyzing speeding habits, braking and accelerations. Usage based insurance looks at the information provided by telematics technology helping companies to segment customers, not by demographic characteristics such as gender or age, but on actual behavior and level of risk, enabling lower premiums to safe drivers while penalizing rash drivers.

Car detail travelling in road
Image of hooded man stealing a car. Illustrates the vehicle theft prevention text

Helps fraud detection

Telematics technologies help companies to locate stolen vehicles in real time, download historical routes, and immobilize vehicles remotely. Having access to this information insurers and leasing companies can detect frauds and verify the authenticity of claims helping reducing financial losses with actual events and by recovering stolen vehicles and fraud related losses.

Helps increase costumer loyalty and create exit barriers

Customer retention costs much less to any type of business than new customers acquisition. By providing customers an added value product, companies will be able to increase loyalty and create barriers to the exit. Telematics technology helps further interaction with customers by offering value-added services and creating communication points.

Image illustrates telematics associated with insurance provides extra value services that enable customer retention text


The intelligence on your clients driving behaviour!

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