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Optimized resources in over 1338 vehicles

Mota-Engil Angola equips fleet with Inosat’s advanced fleet management solution.

The group Mota-Engil in Angola equipped 1338 vehicles with Inofleet, Inosat’s advanced fleet management solution. Mota-Engil Angola expectation is that this investment can help the company to improve the teams’ productivity and reduce operational costs.

Acting in the construction sector, Mota-Engil Angola felt the need to control the huge number of vehicles in the group, as well as to reduce the barriers caused by the fleet’s geographical scattering. To the construction group it became essential to implement a comprehensive and simultaneously incisive, control and management solution. From the 1338 vehicles contracted, 650 are already operating with Inofleet, among them we can find machines, raw material transportation trucks and passenger transportation vehicles.

Mota-Engil Angola responsibel explained that when Mota-Engil Angola decided to invest in a fleet management solution, the aim was to obtain a significant increase in productivity and at the same time an evident reduction in operational costs. Additionally, and as a result of the company business nature, Mota-Engil Angola had a set of specific requirements, such as the integration with pre-existing enterprise management solutions, for example SIGRE, but also in terms of daily work analysis of the machines and trucks, having has goal to determine, for example, the number of daily working hours performed by each one of these resources.

João Santos, Inosat Angola General Manager clarifies that “the solution offered to Mota-Engil Angola reflects all the specifications presented by our customer. Our answer translated in a solution capable of controlling, among other parameters, the machines working hours and trucks driving time, the possibility to identify vehicles breakdowns, control fuel thefts and store data in areas where the GSM coverage is reduced.”

The 500.000 USD investment made in Inosat’s solution, allow the elimination of unproductive working hours, the administrative work streamline, the operational costs reduction and fuel thefts elimination. Additionally acts as a moralizing effect in the vehicles usage and driving habits.

The solution implemented conjugates Inofleet, with advanced vehicle telemetry, namely weighbridge and PTO sensors, CANBus connection, driver ID and sensors capable of detecting fuel thefts in real time.

João Santos claims that “Inosat’s focus is always in our customers return on investment, by reducing costs and increasing productivity. These are essential axes both for us and for our customers.

João Santos, General Manager, Inosat Angola, on an interview to Expansão