Route Planning & Scheduling

Optimize routes and resources ensuring profitability and customer satisfaction.

What is Route Planning & Scheduling?

Inosat route planning solution enables deliveries success by allowing activity planning & scheduling, taking into account the available resources and the existing constraints, allowing companies to achieve savings of 20% on their operating costs.

  • Comprehensive Scheduling & Planning
  • Cost Reduction
  • Scenario analysis
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Comprehensive scheduling & planning

By using Inosat’s solution it will be possible to generate the best routes in just a few minutes. By using Inosat’s planning & scheduling tool, companies will be able to get routes with the less cumulative kilometres and the best usage of vehicles, increasing the overall productivity of the company.

When scheduling and planning a series of parameters are taken into account: time delivery, time windows, stop times at clients, maximum driving time, maximum job time and break times, maximum driving distance, total vehicle payloads, total vehicle volume, maximum number of packages, among others. Using all these data the algorithm then calculates the best route, making it possible to:

  • Increase operational resources use without increasing the number of vehicles/drivers
  • Balance delivery territories
  • Reduce distribution costs and driven km
  • Set drivers performance expectations which will generate less overtime and better driver performance
Image of Team working. Route planning solution allows companies to plan routes with less cumulative kilometres
image of a pen over a finantial respot illustrates route planning and schedulling allows companies to reduce costs

Cost reduction

Route planning helps companies to reduce several aspects related with the driven km, overtime, vehicles and routing time. By reducing the costs associated with these parameters companies will lower the fuel bill, the overtime payments, and the vehicles in their fleet. Furthermore, Inosat’s planning & scheduling solution helps customers to determine the profitability of each delivery by calculating the actual cost per stop. The reassignment of the areas allocated to each driver allows reduction in the number of kilometres travelled, balance the work hours and performing the service in a more efficient way.

Scenario analysis

Route planners’ time can know be used more effectively, by resorting to Inosat’s scheduling & planning tool to predict scenarios.

What if-scenarios can be set to take into account seasonal changes, for example, peaks or breakdowns in volume of deliveries, analysing volume fluctuations. New customer acquisition can be analysed to determine its impact on the company resources. The system can store these what-if scenarios that will help route planners to produce more efficient routes and therefore will help the company to produce better.

Image of 2 persons working, illustrates Inofleet route planning and scheduling tool allows companies to predict and analyse scenarios

Route Planning & Scheduling

Optimize routes and resources ensuring profitability and customer satisfaction!