Inosat’s presence in LATAM is growing, this time by ensuring the company presence in Peru.

Distribution contract signed today 5th of December of 2013

December was a month full of achievements and successful events for Inosat. One of these achievements is the recent partnership with the company SDP Group S.A.C. for the exclusive distribution of Inosat fleet management solutions in Peru.

SDP Group it’s a Peruvian company that operates in the field of telecommunications and information technologies, founded in the beginning of 2012 by a group of specialized engineers in project management engineering and telecommunications, as well as the various technologies transmissions and core equipment.

It’s a company that has a philosophy of trust to the client and the company team. Not neglecting the quality standards which have been worked for years. The company has been able to advance a good stretch in the area of telecommunications and meet companies with radar technology which they are working in present time. “Inosat gave us complementary solutions for different platforms, what gives us the most robust solution against competition. It’s a brand that big companies are seeing with a big potential, with growth projections and with the utility that can be used in daily operations. As exclusive representatives of Inosat in Peru, the experience is being very rewarding and enriching, Inosat is on our side to help us create success stories throughout our universe of customers. The importance of feedback we receive and send is very educational and important for both companies.“ (Carlos Rivera, Account Manager SDP Group / Inosat Peru and Francisco Sanguineti, CEO SDP Group / Inosat Peru)

two men shaking hands illustrates Inosat's partnership text