Danone uses Inosat’s advanced fleet management solutions to track the distribution process in real-time

Danone Uruguay purchased Inosat’s advanced fleet management solution, to track the 45 trucks in charge of supplies distribution throughout Uruguay. Danone Uruguay, is a company operating in the agro feed industry and a subsidiary of the French multinational Danone Group.

Diego Inciarte Inosat Uruguay CEO (the company that represents Inosat in Uruguay with exclusivity rights) explains Danone’s needs: “Danone had the need to have an effective control of the logistic process, starting from the moment products exit warehouses up until its entrance in the distribution channels. Danone also had the need to control the temperature inside refrigerated trailers. Inosat Uruguay was the only company in the market capable of answering all Danone’s needs. Additionally Inosat’s Uruguay offer did not represent an extra cost with monthly fees, adding a wide range of reports and data that helps fleet managers in the decision making process.

Inofleet is Inosat’s advanced fleet management solution, implemented in Danone Uruguay. By using Inofleet the agro-feed company will be able to schedule delivery routes, reduce displacement times, and track in real-time the distribution process together with the information on the temperature inside the refrigerated trailers, updated each one minute, sending immediate alarms in case sudden temperature variations. These alarms are sent through SMS, email or pop-up in Inofleet. This type of alarms can help fleet managers in implementing corrective actions immediately and avoiding total loss of the perishable freights.

“Inosat offers its customers a quick and superior return on the investment made in Inofleet. Return on investment is obtained through cost reduction and productivity increase, cornerstones for all types of activities. We know our solutions are among the most advanced solutions in the world. Each company that invests in us will have a guaranteed return on investment” refers Tiago Borges, Inosat Global CEO.

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Danone Group is a French agro food multinational company headquartered in Paris. Danone focuses in 3 lines of food products: fresh dairy, biscuits and drinks.

Danone Uruguay was created to work the fresh dairy market directly. Danone Uruguay corporate name is Fort Masis SA. Danone starts by selling its products exclusively to supermarkets chains and through distributors within in the country interior, expanding at a lightning speed, and then dabbling into the traditional channel. Today, Danone leads the category of desserts with over 60%share, in yogurts more Danone owns more than 35% of the value.

About Inosat

Established in 2000 by a team of experts in Telematics, Inosat is aEuropean based company specialized in the development, production and marketing of GPS tracking solutions, with focus in Mobility Intelligence. The Company’s offering is made up of 2 ranges of products: fleet management solutions for businesses (B2B) and GPS tracking solutions designed for consumers (B2C).The Company reports more than 5.000 B2B customers with a number of 70.000 vehicle location units installed. Inosat is a leading company and is present within 26 countries and 3 continents through a strategic commercial network.

Read more about Inosat: www.inosat.com/inosat

Inosat is a member of 1-Fleet Alliance. Discover more on the alliance website: www.1-fleet.com

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