Inosat’s, presence in LATAM continues growing, through the celebration of a distribution contract with the Ecuadorian company NetCode.

Distribution contract signed today 12th of December of 2013

Inosat’s global footprint and commitment into a continued growth in Latin America, gained a new piece in Ecuador. December promises to be a month full of achievements and successful events for Inosat. One of these achievements was the partnership with the company SDP Group S.A.C in Peru closed in the first week of December and the second is the recent partnership with the company Netcode in Ecuador. These new countries are important in the company expansion into new geographies, allowing Inosat to bring the benefits of fleet and asset management to vehicles and assets around the world.

Netcode is a company dedicated to developing and promoting solutions based on Web platform since 1999. In 2005 the company established a strategic alliance with InSoft, which allowed them to complement those services and specialize in interactive marketing products and services through the Internet in promotions of websites and technology consulting for the development of networks and telecommunications systems.

Mr. Nuno Baptista and Mr. Francisco Sanguinetti, during partnership agreement signature for representing Inosat on Peru