Inosat gains a worldwide renowned customer in the concrete sector: Engemix from Votorantim Cimentos Group

Inosat Brazil is proud to announce the contract celebration with the renowned company Engemix. Inofleet platform will help Engemix manage and control 190 mixer trucks located at the southeast area of Brazil. Both companies are negotiating the acquisition of 150 additional devices that will equip the mixers located on the south region of the country. In total Engemix has 1000 mixers in operation in Brazil and has plans to roll out Inosat’s solution for all the fleet.

The solution foresees the location device installation, CanBus connection to obtain the telemetry data, driving styles and behaviours identification, and mixer sensor. Additionally Inofleet integrates with the solution Command Concrete from Command Alkon.

For Engemix this implementation has 2 key objectives: integration of Inofleet and Command Alkon platforms, creating the conditions for service operational excellence and also to get telemetry data in order to reduce costs with accidents (insurance costs), fuel and fleet maintenance.

Engemix is recognized as one of the major names in the Brazilian concrete sector, counting with over 90 plants and 2,200 employees spread across 11 states of the country. The company invests continuously in technology and innovation, and focuses its activity on 3 pillars: persons, customers and results, with the objective of becoming the best concrete company in Brazil.

Leader in the Telematics market, Inosat is present in more than 26 countries and counts with 15 years experience in the advanced fleet management through GPS sector. Focused on innovation Inosat invests continuously in R&D, developing its own hardware and software. Inosat focuses in the development of specialized solutions designed to answer the needs of specific markets which allows the technological company to offer solutions adjusted to the customers’ needs.

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