Inosat announced today Inofleet’s integration with Inmarsat’s satellite communication network as backup for GSM communications.

Satellite tracking as backup for GSM, uses satellite communication network to transmit where there is no GSM coverage. This satellite tracking system uses the Inmarsat network and it’s activated when there is no GSM/GPRS coverage.

Designed for sectors as construction, surface mining and oil & gas exploration, and other environments with remote location work, the new system has the ability to minimize data charges by transmitting only the most critical event information via satellite.

If a machine or vehicle in a fleet is operating outside of cell coverage and the fleet manager has critical communications that need to take place for safety or operational reasons, it can be a problem to wait until the asset gets back into cell range. Temporarily switching to satellite communication solves the problem and ensures the visibility of your equipment as well as the workers.

With this new peripheral Inosat provides customers the added benefits of satellite connectivity allowing the fleet monitoring even in remote locations.

Photo of Inosat's booth in the IX Expologistica tradeshow in Bogotá, ColombiaPhoto of Inosat's booth and Inosat Algeria team in the MED IT trade show in Algeria