Inosat Global strengthens product portfolio with the release of a new Inofleet navigator version – Inosat’s solution for services management and connected navigation. Inofleet navigator runs on any android mobile device and allows companies to increase profitability through a significantly improvement on workflow productivity and reduction on operating costs.

Inosat is always searching to innovate and respond to the most demanding requirements from customers, market and technology. Developed under android technology, Inosat Navigator can be used on any mobile device that operates on this system.

Navigator allows companies to increase competitiveness levels, surpassing the standard requirements and response capability, exceeding customer’s expectations. This is obtained through route optimization, significant improvement on planning workday activities, paperwork reduction, operating costs management and real-time information that allows companies to provide customers the information they need and require. Additionally costs associated with the company activity, such as fuel, maintenance, overtime payments and communications are easily reduced with Inosat Navigator.

The solution main features are:

  • Daily itineraries reception
  • Real time update on tasks execution status
  • Tasks closing reports including attachments
  • Exceptions introduction
  • Messages Exchange
  • Location


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