Inosat Global is proud to have participated as an exhibitor and speaker in the first Telematics Conference organized in this region of the globe.

Telematics Conference Middle East & Africa took place on 12 March 2015 in Dubai.

The Telematics industry is becoming more recognized and appealing in all regions of the globe, assuming in the Middle East and Africa an important role. This conference first edition area under discussion focused on how Telematics would bring added value to the fleet management sector in the Middle East and Africa.

Inosat’s participation in this conference assumed a particular relevance for the company. Inosat Global is consolidating its presence in the North Africa and the Middle East, regions where the Telematics market is rapidly emerging. “It is of special relevance to set a meaningful  presence since the first day and participate actively in the Telematics sector growth in the MEA region, contributing with the knowledge acquired by the 15 years of activity and our worldwide experience”, Tiago Borges, Inosat Global CEO.

photo of Tiago Borges, Inosat Global CEO speaking at the Middle East Telematics International Conference in Dubai.

Inosat Global wants to be a benchmark in the MEA. The multinational company is present in 26 countries, scattered through Europe, Africa, Middle East and South America, this globality allied with the company 15 years of experience developing all the software and manufacturing the hardware gives Inosat a unique and value-added knowledge on the sector.

Inosat Global offers a diversity of solutions having the ability to tailor them to each business sector specific needs. Tailored solutions allow the company to have differentiated products and features to companies acting in different business areas: construction, emergency, public services, leasing, transports, special transports and other.

Accordingly with the company representatives, the Telematics Conference proved to be extremely interesting as it made possible to know the perspective of evolution for the industry, providing great insights on the approach to the market and allowing the creation of an interesting contacts network.

Image of Sarit Expo Centre in Nairobi where took place the 11th Kenya Trade Show

Photo of a mining site illustrating Inosat's presence in Exponor 2015Moscow Russia we'll be there