At the start of 2015 we want to thank all of you who contributed this past year for Inosat Global success.

This is a decisive moment for our company as we keep on our endeavor to move forward in our ambitious internationalization program. It is our mission to be a global provider in the telematics area and to reinforce our brand in each local market. It is with enthusiasm that we embrace the challenges 2015 brings, but we’re not going to do that without looking back before.

2014 was an innovation year for Inosat, the year where we moved forward to a cloud based environment. Reprogramming Inofleet to the cloud was a huge effort from our research & development team that started this project in 2012, however we are certain that this change will provide us the scalability and availability that we need for conquering new markets.

But not only the cloud captured Inosat’s attention during last year, we are also launching a brand new hardware platform, smaller and with added capabilities, that allow us on a single device to read GPS data such as position, direction, speed,  but also, driver behavior through Can Bus and Tachograph information among other vehicle telemetry data.

We are confident that the results of this effort will be seen during 2015.

On the commercial area, our international business developers worked hardly to takes us to new geographies. To all of them, our special recognition for the hard work and the hours spend abroad, working with our partners with the goal of placing Inosat’s brand in their markets. We assisted to our consolidation in the Latin American markets, adding new partners in Mexico, Peru and Bolivia. Middle East gained momentum for Inosat Global in 2014, where we added 7 new countries to our map, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon Qatar and Saudi Arabia. These partners are taking their first steps in the market and we are confident that in 2015 the results from this solid work will inspire others to join our project. In Western Europe the seeds were launched in 2014 to reach new and evolved markets, making partnership with local players that will help us grow in these most demanding markets.

Inosat Group has reached for the first time a total turnover above 10 Million USD in sales, with a growth of 20% in comparison with 2013.  International revenues count for 42% of the total with a growth rate above 30% in 2014. We would like to send a special thanks to all the people that help us achieve these remarkable results.

At this point we challenge all our stakeholders to believe, once again, that in 2015 we can do more and better, that we have the courage, the determination and the resilience to face the market challenges and work together for our collective success. This is our wish for 2015. Thanks for being part of it!

Ass Tiago

Inosat Global CEO

Inofleet dashboard print screen. Reflects alarms, speed, quilometres travelled