Inotachograph is a new Inosat solution that allows companies acting in the transportation areas to download analyze in real time and archive the tachograph data.

Inotachograph enables real time access to all tachograph data, enabling the fleet manager to know the exact driving and rest times for each driver.

The system also allows remote download of DDD files to comply with EU legislation, storing the information up to 5 years online.

This information also enables fleet managers to avoid very high fines when drivers don’t comply with maximum driving times and minimum rest times.

Released after more than a year of development & investigation, this robust and reliable solution, offers as main benefits:

  • Fines reduction through real time alerts for potential infringements to the established rules
  • Traffic management optimization through a better resource planning by easily identifying drivers availability and resting periods
  • Compliance with EU legislation by remote downloading and storage of tachograph files
  • Operational efficiency increase through the creation of optimized timesheets and resource allocation

Inotachograph allows Transportation companies to comply with EU legislation, by allowing remote download both from the driver’s ID card and the tachograph. The service also adds to Inofleet detailed information on the current vehicles and drivers status, such as working time, driving times, waiting times, rest times and periods of availability. The association with Inofleet adittional data allowed Inosat to create a set of reports such as: tachograph dashboard, activity reports, insertion/extraction of driver card, and graphics of activity and infringements, which translate into an even more effective resource management.

Tiago Borges, Inosat Global CEO, states that “Developing this integration with digital tachographs is of high importance to Inosat to grow our market share in the European Transportation Industry. Today only 22% of the 30.000 vehicles that we monitor in Europe are trucks and we want to increase our presence on this market segment. We are happy to announce that we have developed a very robust solution that is able to gather reliable data to comply with EU legislation. And, at the same time, allows transportation companies to have a more efficient allocation of new services, taking in consideration, not only the location of the vehicle but also the available time for each driver. Inotachograph dashboard is a quite complete tool, showing in real time the current, daily and weekly available time for driving and resting for each driver.

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