Inosat showed Inominas during Exponor in Antofagasta Chile

From 11 to 15 of May Inosat Chile participated in the biannual show Exponor that takes place in Antofagasta. The biggest mining trade show of Chile was selected to once again show Inominas to managers and decision makers of this business area.

Companies acting in the mining industry face each day more demanding requirements in terms of security and performance, both from governmental institutions and from the civil society. This pressure leads all the intervening companies in this sector to feel the need to monitor their resources mainly having as aim the reaching and maintenance of an excellence corporate image based on security polices as well as productivity increase.

Inominas main advantages focus on the reduction of accidents in the route, productivity increase, costs reduction and elimination of raw materials thefts. The satellite communication integrated with Inofleet allows these companies to receive at all times information on the vehicles status and alarms in case of anomaly detection.

Exponor counted with 42 000 visitors, interested in the products/solutions from the 1064 exhibitors, from 30 different countries.

From the many visitors to Inosat’s booth, the main attractive features were the tools available to enhance driver’s safety and the integration with Inmarsat satellite communication. Also Car Locator, Inosat’s solution dedicated to secure private vehicles against robbery and carjacking was targeted by many visitors, as this type of crime rates has been increasing highly in the north of Chile.

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