Inosat and Vivacom conjoint participation in the fair Med-IT, that took place in Argel from 23 to 25 of September, was a success

From 23 to 25 September 2013, Inosat participated in the Med-IT Expo, also known as the International Fair of Information Technology and Services. Inosat and Vivacom used the event as a platform to show how Inofleet, a world-class solution, helps companies to track and manage their vehicles and drivers, resulting in boosted efficiency and safety levels.

The fair was in the city of Algiers in the center of Expositions “Palais de la Culture d’Alger”, the organizer was the company XCOM. The fair attracted around 150 participants and 5000 visitors, while offering the most complete showing of Information Technology and services in the country.

Inosat and Vivacom stand was buzzing, visited by around 800 people. Many of the guests displayed a keen interest in the latest technology available for vehicle tracking and fleet management. Both companies considered the fair a complete success.

Image of man working on computer. Illustrates the solutions area.Ecuador