In constant pursuit of innovation, Inosat stands out as a European supplier of Telematics solutions for the car/fleet sharing segment.

The Car/Fleet sharing market is growing, both in users registered, vehicles available, and carsharing organizations creation. Telematics technology is an enabler for this market and Inosat is taking the first steps in this growing market as technological supplier for in-vehicle systems.

A car available to use, when and where needed? Carsharing is the new alternative for individual car ownership. Part of a broader group of services that include traditional car sharing, carpooling, and ridesharing services, all grouped under the Car-Based Mobility Services umbrella.

On-demand and affordable access seem to be the ideas behind Carsharing, charged in rates of usage hours/minutes which include all usage costs. Rental periods are usually of less than an hour or up to a day.

Berg Insight clarifies, In the study “The Carsharing Telematics Market”, the scope of services provided“Carsharing is a decentralized car rental service focusing on short term rentals that supplements other modes of transports including walking, cycling and public transport. Carsharing aims to provide an alternative to individual car ownership without restricting individual mobility by providing affordable access to cars”.

Carsharing is only possible through the combination of 2 technologies: of in-vehicle systems and mobile technologies, being that the first enables the service offering and the second is an adoption driver.

Inosat belongs to the first group, the provider of in-vehicle solutions, and is recognized by Berg Insight as one of the 4 telematics providers already working with the CSO’s for the supply of in-vehicle systems. Telematics offer CSO’s the technology that allows them to build and offer the service, as the usage of in-vehicle hardware systems enables companies to control vehicles location, driving times, KM, trips, driver identification and door locks.

Carsharing services are available in 12 countries, 43 cities, 20 000 vehicles, all of these available to 4,8 million registered users. Forecasts predict that until 2020 these numbers will grow to 26 million users and 450 000 cars.

For Tiago Borges, Inosat Global CEO, “the Car/Fleet sharing market will gain momentum in the next coming years, we in Inosat have already customized our solution to be able to answer the need of the Carsharing organizations and for providing added value to companies that use Fleet sharing, I’m sure that this will put Inosat at the forefront as a provider of in-vehicle hardware for these booming industry of Car Mobility Services.”

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