Inosat’s cloud technology is driving business innovation

Since its inception Inosat has innovation written in its genetic code. In the year 2000 the company founders started a telematics business in a time where these technologies were unknown for the majority of the managers.

During the last 15 years Inosat in Portugal has lead the innovation in terms of product development, both in software and hardware. The internationalization that began in 2007 offered the company the possibility to operate in different markets, in different stages of evolution in terms of product adoption lifecycle. This made possible for Inosat to bring together customer needs as diverse as the geographies the company is inserted, which allied with a vast investment in R&D has put Inosat technology always on the edge of evolution.

During the last 3 years Inosat invested highly on the establishment of a cloud platform. Why? Because Inosat’s aim is to serve its customers with a unique platform able to meet the requirements users nowadays face. Cloud environment offers that possibility: scalability, availability user performance and security, are the main advantages Inosat has to offer on a cloud environment.

The ability to scale on demand means that Inosat can upscale or downscale the resources dedicated to Inofleet accordingly with the instantaneous business needs or changes.  A cloud computing platform supplies the necessary hardware, software, network and storage capability that ultimately drives user’s satisfaction.

User performance holds hands with scalability, every customer expects to have tools that provide the information needed on demand, exactly on the moment it is required, regardless the number of requests that are being asked to Inofleet servers.

Inosat elected as supplier Amazon Web Services, which is able to provide a global infrastructure that uses electronic surveillance and multifactor next-generation access control systems which guarantee availability rates close to 100% and reduced downtimes.

The learning curve Inosat’s R&D team had to accomplish to change the platform to a cloud elastic computing platform was huge, but Inosat is confident that will also represent a huge step ahead in keeping costumer experience always above expectations.

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