Helps drive safety in your transportation!

What is InoSpecialTransports?

Inosat has developed an innovative solution based on the needs of security and control of companies operating in the areas of Special Transports. Companies dealing with fuel transportation, hazardous materials, values, local transports in mines and construction, among others, increasingly need to ensure safety and compliance with progressively more demanding rules. Inospecial transports helps these companies to:

  • Reduce accidents due to driver negligence
  • Eliminate fuel thefts
  • Eliminate Cargo Theft
  • Ensure Vehicles’ Safety
  • Hour detail machine report print screen shows the hours each machine spent on different working sites

Reduce accidents due to driver negligence

Security conditions on the road, and the adoption of defensive driving behaviours, are priorities for companies operating in this segment. It is extremely important to eliminate dangerous situations generated by driving errors.

Security Man illustrates the reduction of accidents text
image of truck transporting oil illustrates Inofleet for special transportation helps companies to prevent cargo thefts text

Eliminate fuel and cargo thefts

Inosat developed a set of peripherals that help companies to identify fuel theft situations: The fuel tank cap sensor gives real-time information on tank openings at unauthorized areas. InoXpert and fuel level sensor allow the detection of the quantities stolen.

InoSpecialTransports helps to identify cargo theft situations. The solution is always tailored to customer needs and allows monitoring every point of loading / unloading of the vehicle and verify when and where the doors were opened, generating alerts for opening situations. The solutions to control doors opening and closing range from mechanical, digital and electronic sensors. The Driver ID Sensor helps companies to know at any time who is the driver. This makes drivers accountable for the events occurred during their shift.

Ensure Vehicle’s Safety

Vehicle thefts are becoming more frequent. With InoSpecialTransports situations such as perimeter breaches, border crossing and attempted violation of the location unit are detected and alerts sent to the fleet manager so that he may immediately immobilize the vehicle and recover it safely. An SOS panic button can be activated by the driver at any time, provided that he is in danger. This button is installed and hidden inside the vehicle.

Oil transport truck illustrates oil & gas telematics solution text


Helps drive safety in your transportation!

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