Waste collection performed!

What is InoWaste?

Inosat has developed InoWaste, an innovative solution that allows fleet managers to control waste collection in real time.

  • Guarantee itineraries fulfilment and ensure an effective waste collection
  • Set alerts for abnormal situations and ensure Drivers and vehicles safety
  • Increase teams’ productivity
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Guarantee fuel saving
  • Hour detail machine report print screen shows the hours each machine spent on different working sites

Guarantee itineraries fulfilment and ensure an effective waste collection

InoWaste allows the definition of the itinerary that each vehicle must perform, and also allows the definition of additional criteria necessary to effectively check, that a vehicle has passed through the established locations, to collect waste at the points indicated. Therefore it is possible to minimize deviations from programmed tasks, increasing productivity and ensuring the quality of the service provided.

image of a man collecting waste illustrates Inosat's telematics solution for waste collection companies text
Security Man illustrates the reduction of accidents text

Set alerts for abnormal situations and ensure drivers and vehicles safety

Be warned whenever a vehicle moves away from the area where it is allowed to circulate or approaches a prohibited area. Check if drivers comply with traffic rules established by the company and if the speed limits are respected.

Increase teams’ productivity

With InoWaste you can optimize and coordinate routes in real time, determine the best route to follow, reducing response times and controlling the passage through all the points defined as collection points, allowing to visualize the units in the system, per vehicle, day and route, enhancing the fleet activity.

Image of Man collecting waste illustrates the text increase team productivity
image of a pen over a finantial respot illustrates route planning and schedulling allows companies to reduce costs

Reduce maintenance costs

Control the costs of your fleet by gathering in a simple and easy way all necessary information to determine the condition of the fleet. Know what are the real kms travelled, the cost in tolls, or the next maintenance. By monitoring each driver style, you will also reduce the costs associated with vehicle maintenance and use.

Guarantee fuel saving

Fuel is one of the factors that weigh the most in the operating costs of waste management companies. Inofleet allows you to reduce travelled kilometres through route optimization, trips and unauthorized usage control. Monitoring the driving style allows companies to know where to act in order to achieve a change in driving style and thus significant fuel saving.

Optimization fuel consumption


Waste collection performed!

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